Privacy Policy


We've gathered Dogger's privacy policy here. It is part of what you agree to when you sign up for Dogger.

Privacy at Dogger

Your data is safe with us. As part of our effort to be fully transparent, it is also important that you get an overview of how we handle your privacy. Although our terms are written in a legal lawyer-pleasing language for obvious reasons, this article is written directly for you - the user of our services.

Third parties

We do what we do best - dockerizing all the things. We're not a payment gateway or an identity provider, so we try to let third parties that specialize in this do that for us.


Auth0 handles our authentication. This means that when you sign up, it is actually via their site. Your e-mail and potential connections to social identity providers like GitHub are stored here.

The reason we did this is that it is generally considered potentially unsafe to use your own custom-baked security and authentication mechanisms. Auth0 is used by a lot of companies worldwide, and is considered one of the defacto authentication mechanisms out there.


Stripe handles our payments. This means that when you sign up for a paid plan or enter your credit card details, your payment information is being stored and processed by them.

We do not store payment information ourselves, to reduce risk.

Email Octopus

We store your e-mail in Email Octopus, to be able to send you important notifications in regards to your account (for instance, warning you if we are about to delete your account due to inactivity).

If you explicitly signed up for our newsletter, we'll also use Email Octopus to send you updates.

What is collected, by whom, and for how long?

We try to keep the collected data to a minimum. We keep all data indefinitely as long as you are using our services.

Your e-mail

Your e-mail is not persisted in Dogger's own systems. We store your e-mail in the following places:

  • Stripe: Stripe needs your e-mail to send you invoices.
  • Auth0: Auth0 needs your e-mail to, well, handle authentication for us.
  • Email Octopus: Email Octopus needs your e-mail, so we can send you important account-related emails, or newsletter content if you've explicitly subscribed to that.

Your open pull requests

If you use Pull Dog, we persist a list of all pull requests in your repository. We only persist the numbers of the pull requests, and the repository IDs. This is not sensitive data in any way.

How do I delete all my information?

Contact us, and we'll make sure every little bit of information about you is deleted in our system within 30 days, in compliance with GDPR regulations.