Pull Dog is practically non profit


We earn less than $3 per month for the paid plans, and there is a free plan available as well.

At Dogger, we believe in full transparency. In addition to being committed to a fully open-source codebase, we are also transparent about our pricing model, our traffic and our internal costs.

Pull Dog runs on AWS Lightsail

Pull Dog runs on AWS Lightsail. This is also easy to see from the code.

Now, if you compare the AWS Lightsail prices with the Pull Dog prices, you'll come to the conclusion that our prices are only roughly $2 or $3 higher per month for all plans that provide more than one instance in the pool.

So how do we earn money?

Amazon only charges us by the hour. This means that if a server runs for 10 minutes, we get charged an hour of use. If the server runs for a month, we get charged for a month. However, the Pull Dog prices are fixed every month, and is based on the potential maximum amount of open pull requests (servers) you have.

This ensures that you don't get any unexpected bills from us, and it also means that we only earn anything when you don't use the servers all the time.

We think this is a fair pricing model, and we hope you do too.