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Docker all the things

At Dogger, we make tools and services that enable you to do more with Docker as a developer.

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Our two products

Designed to complement each other, but not mutually exclusive.

Pull Dog

Automated test environments from your docker-compose.yml file for every pull request you open.

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Docker Compose in the cloud, using a simple but powerful CLI.

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Pull Dog

The simplest way to explain Pull Dog is by showing the typical developer flow as a timeline with screenshots.
Pull request opened
This causes Pull Dog to start creating a brand new test environment for the feature you're about to merge in.

The server is created with a docker-compose file from your repository, that you specify.
Environment ready
HTTP and HTTPS links are provided along with the connection details for the server.

The ports specified are the exposed ports of your docker-compose file, and are the only ones open in the firewall.
Pull request closed
The test environment is destroyed again, along with all of its files and variables that were attached to it.

Better quality

Don't just review code. Review the UX and test for bugs against a real environment before merging.

Starts free

There's a free plan available, and we earn less than $1 a month on the paid plans.

Share your feature

Pull Dog lets you show off a temporary feature in a PR you're working on to a friend or colleague.

Fully open source

We love open source. Everything we make at Dogger is fully open source.

Full transparency

In addition to sharing our traffic, our income and code, we also expose our roadmap publically.

* The test environment pool is what determines how many simultaneous test environments that can be open at a given point in time. If you want test environments for 5 open pull requests at the same time, you need an environment pool of at least 5.

** The global test environment pool has a varying size depending on demand and how much spare capacity we have laying around. This means that if many are using Pull Dog's demo environments, there won't be a slot available for you at the time of opening a pull request. This is also why we can't guarantee a long lifespan for these servers - they may get recycled after 15 minutes, if someone else is in need of them.